Gran Canaria Bike Week rules


The Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019 is a sport week event with clear tourist orientation defined as a cyclist’s parade according to the Specific Instruction for the Road Cycle Touring Parades of the Spanish General Traffic Administration (DGT).

It is promoted by the Illustrious City Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and the company DG Eventos S.L, who holds the management and production for the event.


The event will take place from December 1st to 8th of 2019 and it will pass by different locations on the island. The center of operations is established at the Maspalomas Lighthouse, being the starting point of each stage (exceptions: Pico de las Nieves climb on December 4th that will departs from El Burrero beach in the municipality of Ingenio and the second stage of the Gran Canaria Grand Tour on Saturday 8th which starts from Arucas).

The start time of each modality is published in the section of the official website reserved for it, as well as in the social media of the event; the participants must be present at the start of every stage with enough time in advance for picking up the numbers & the recording time chips.

Article 3. STAGES

The Gran Canaria Bike Week has 8 stages:

The Titanic Challenge: On Sunday December 1st at 8 am with a route of 97 kilometers joining the Lighthouse of Maspalomas, Las Filipinas, Barranquillo Andrés, Cruz de San Antonio, Pie de la Cuesta, Veneguera, Tasarte, Tasartico, The Village of San Nicolás, Acusa, Artenara. The participation will be under the cycling-sportive modality with an elevation gain of 2,813 meters. Including three sections of individual time trial with rankings, finisher medal and prizes for the first three classified at each category.

The participants will have included within the registration the lunch at the finish line offered by the municipality of Artenara. In addition and prior reservation for the amount of 10 euros, the transportation by bus back to the Maspalomas Lighthouse for the cyclist and its bike. The registration in this stage gives the right to participate for free in the stage of the following day on Monday December 2nd called the Circular of Ayagaures.

Ayagaures Loop. On Monday December 2nd is the friendly circular stage of 30 kilometers to release legs and recover after the Titanic Challenge. Departure at 4pm and arrival at the Maspalomas Lighthouse after passing by Ayagaures and Montaña La Data. The registration fee is 15€ (free registration for participants of the Titanic Challenge).

Maspalomas Bike. On Tuesday December 3rd is the loop (medium level) of 94.5 km with departure at 9am from the Maspalomas Lighthouse, passing through El Doctoral, Crossing of the Era of Cardón, Crossing of Los Corralillos, Crossing of Agüimes, Temisas, and cycling by Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Hoya de Tunte, Fataga and Artenara gaining 1600 meters of elevation and finishing at the starting point, Maspalomas.

Pico de las Nieves Climb “The hardest pass in Europe”. On Wednesday December 4th at 10 am from El Burrero beach (Ingenio municipality) and arrival at Pico de las Nieves with a route of 30 kilometers and an elevation gain of 1,871 meters. Participation will be under the cycling-sportive modality, including a section of individual time trial with rankings and prizes for the first three classified of every category. It is included the finisher medal. In addition and prior reservation for an amount of 10 euros, the transfer by bus back to the Maspalomas Lighthouse for the cyclist and its bike.

NEW!! Teams Time Trial. On Thursday December 5th is the loop stage with departure and arrival at Maspalomas Lighthouse, passing through El Pajar and taking the road GC-505 towards Cercados de Espino, where there will be the section of 10 kilometers time trial for teams of 3 cyclists with prizes for the first five classified of each category that will be designated.

Within the stage that will take place on 05/12/2019 between the Faro de Maspalomas-Cercados de Espino-Faro de Maspalomas, a timed stretch of 10 kms will be carried out in the team time trial mode, which will be formed by three components and allowing the registration of mixed teams.

The place of departure and goal will be the one specified by the Organization, which will be located on the GC-505 Cercados de Espino road, with the exit around the p.k. 2 + 000 in the neighborhood of Las Crucitas and arrival around p.k. 12 + 000 in the vicinity of the Cercados soccer field.

The teams will be defined at the time of formalizing the registration and will have an individualized exit with the time interval specified by the Organization.

The runners will have a chip for better time control, counting the time of the last runner of the team when crossing the finish line.

The test will be carried out with the road completely closed to traffic, and support vehicles, liaison bikes and volunteers will be available to ensure the integrity of the riders at all times.

Participation is allowed with specific time trial bicycles.

There is no limitation of ages or categories to register as a team, being able to form a cycling team of different sex or age.

The grouped circulation of corridors of different teams is prohibited.  Nor can runners of different teams run around the wheel, maintaining a distance between teams other than at least 10 m, and 2 m when passing another team. The overtaking will be carried out in the shortest possible interval, not exceeding 15 seconds. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a time penalty for the team that violates them.

There will be a trophy for the first classified of each type of team so that the awards will be as follows:

– Podium Men’s Team

– PodiumWomen’s Team

– Poduim Mixed Team

Gran Canaria Grand Tour
. Three stages cycling tour package divided on 3 days:

  • On Friday December 6th from Maspalomas to Arucas by the east side of the island with a route of 92 kilometers that departs at 8 am from the Maspalomas Lighthouse and will pass through Castillo del Romeral, El Doctoral, Vecindario, Cruce de Arinaga, Las Crucitas, Ingenio, Cuatro Puertas, Telde, La Atalaya, Monte Lentiscal, Jardín Canario, San Lorenzo, San Francisco Javier to arrive at Plaza de la Constitución in Arucas.

The cyclists will enjoy a welcome lunch offered by the Municipality of Arucas. There will be a secure space for leaving the bikes from Friday 6th to Saturday 7th. In addition, they will be a transfer service (only cyclists) from Arucas to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Vecindario and the Maspalomas Lighthouse.

  • On Saturday December 7th from Arucas to Maspalomas by the west of the island a route of 123 kilometers that departs at 9am from Plaza de la Constitución (Arucas) passing by Guía, Gáldar, Agaete, El Risco, La Aldea, Tocodomán, Tasartico, Tasarte, Veneguera, Mogán , Taurito, Puerto Rico, Arguineguín and arriving at the Maspalomas Lighthouse.

The organization will arrange the transfer by bus (for cyclists only) in the early morning from the Maspalomas Lighthouse, stopping by Vecindario and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to start the race in Arucas.

  • On Sunday December 8th from Maspalomas to Taurito and back to the hotel Suites & Villas 4 * (Dunes Group). The route has 54 kilometers and the stage departs at 10 am.

On Sunday December 8th at the end of the last stage of the Grand Tour, the free lunch buffet and closing ceremony with the prizes delivery will be held at the official hotel Suites & Villas 4 * (Dunas Group) for all participants of the 31st edition of Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019.

The organization reserves the right to modify everything related to itineraries, mileage, schedules, prizes, … when it will be justified under certain reasons/circumstances.


The Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019 establishes a limit of 400 cyclists for each stage.


The organization reserves the right to force the participant to abandon the stage:

  • Whenever the participant shows signs of extreme fatigue, dehydration, extremely slow rhythm or present any anomalous symptoms that prevent him from participating normally.
  • If the participant fails to comply with any of the rules stablished by the organization (see disqualifications section).
  • Once the regulatory cut-off time has finished since the start of the stage.

On certain stages, the organization will allow cyclists who are not in optimal physical condition to temporarily abandon the stage, getting on the stage closing vehicle, to join again in the next meeting point or refreshment/aid stations for being able to finish the stage with the rest of cyclists.

At the time trial sections there is a maximum time for its completion. In case of overpassing this limit, the cyclist must leave the stage or continue under its own responsibility, giving back the race number to a member of the organization.


The event is opened to cyclists of any nationality, federated or not, over 16 years of age for any of the modalities, and must be correctly registered in time and form as specified in the event regulations.

Participants born between December 1st of 2003 (16 years old on the day of the test) and December 1st of 2001, may participate under a paternal authorization (descargar autorización reglamentaria).

The authorization must be delivered in person before November 23th 2019, together with a photocopy of the minor’s ID and both parents or legal guardians, at the DG Eventos offices located at Bravo Murillo Street 17 – local 4, 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The offices are opened from 9am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Each cyclist participates in the test under his / her entire responsibility and declares that he / she has a sufficient level of physical condition to complete it.

It is not allowed the inclusion during the stages of any cyclist who is not properly registered, or companions, or journalists or any other person who is not properly authorized by the organization.

Article 6.1. Participation with e-bikes

The use of electric bicycles is allowed under the following conditions:

– The cyclist with e-bike can not help other cyclists with traditional bicycle to move, nor to serve them as a wind screen. In the case the organization detects it, it will not take the recorded time of the cyclists involved and it may be a reason for disqualification.

– Its recorded times during the Titanic Challenge and Pico de Las Nieves Climb stages, will not be taken into account by the organization for the rankings.


It is mandatory to use a certified helmet and the appropriate clothing, the cyclist must abandon the stage if it does not comply with this article.

With the aim of monitoring and controlling the participants in the different segments / sections of the road, the organization will provide a recording time chip that is mandatory wearing it. The chip must be in a visible place for its right reading.

It is not allowed to participate with the chip of another participant under any circumstances or manipulate it.


Those interested in participating may register from March 1st 2019 in the following ways:

  • Through the official website. On the page and with payment through virtual POS.
  • In person at the DG Eventos offices DG Eventos offices located at Bravo Murillo Street 17 – local 4, 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The offices are opened from 9 am to 2pm and from 4pm to 5pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.


Once the registration is made, there will be no refund of the race fee for any reason. Similarly, the change of ownership of the registration is not allowed.

The registration period begins on March 1st 9am and finishes on November 27th 2019 at 11:59 pm or until it run out of places.


The delivery of the maillot for those cyclists enrolled in the Weekly Pack and the Grand Tour will take place:

  • The day before the start of the event at the Hotel Suites & Villas (Dunas Group) during the schedule established by the organization.
  • The first day of the event at the established schedule.
  • At the first stage of the Grand Tour.

It will be necessary to present and ID or Passport for the pick-up.

To remove the maillot of another participant, the representative must present their ID or Passport together with an authorization signed with the photocopy of the ID or Passport of the participant in question.

The delivery of the recording time chip will be made from 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start time of each stage.


The Titanic Challenge: Finisher medal for each participant and trophy for the first three classified per category

Pico de las Nieves Climb: Finisher medal for each participant and trophy for the first three classified per category

Gran Canaria Grand Tour: Finisher medal for each participant who completes the three stages.


  • Junior (16-19 years)
  • Under23 (20-22 years)
  • Elite (23-29 years)
  • Master 30A (30-34 years)
  • Master 30B (35-39 years)
  • Master 40 (40-49 years)
  • Master 50 (50-59 years)
  • Master +60 (from 60 years old)

Note: All categories will be male and female.

* The prizes ceremony by categories will take place on Sunday December 8th once the last stage is finished at the hotel Suites & Villas (Dunas Group).


REFRESHMENT/AID STATIONS. Liquid and solid refreshments at the points of the route established by the organization and at the finish line.

CLOAKROOM. Wardrobe service at the start and finish of each stage.

TOILETS at departure, finish line and main refreshment/aid stations.

MASSAGE SERVICE at the end of the stage.

REPAIRSHOP SERVICE at the start and the finish line plus support on the road.

MEDICAL AND FIRST AID SERVICES. – Health care service along the route and at the finish line.

MEDICAL INSURANCE. – The organization will hire sports accident insurance for each one of the participants in the event.

TIME TRIAL for The Titanic Challenge, Pico de las Nieves Climb and Teams Time Trial with recording time chips.

SAFETY ON THE ROUTE guaranteed by motorcycle guards, road police, opening and closing vehicles, volunteers, etc.

TIME TRIAL SECTIONS with complete road closure for traffic.

The GRAN CANARIA GRAN TOUR package and the WEEKLY PACK have included the official maillot of the Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019.

SLEEVES (a pair for participant) courtesy de DUNAS Hotels &  Resorts.


The organization reserves the right to locate the aid stations on the route according to the most suitable places for it and as close as possible to the previously mentioned kilometric points.

The location of the refreshment/aid stations and meeting points will be defined in the tab and profiles of each stage.

Article 14. PENALTIES

The following behaviors of the participants will have penalties and may include the disqualification of the event.

1.- Omission of assistance to another person.

2.- Withdrawal without having notified the organization at the time is produced.

3.- Misbehavior towards other participants or towards the organization.

4.- Non following the stage director orders, commissioners, refreshment/aid stations staff, doctors/nurses or competent authorities.

5.- Lack of mandatory equipment or refusal to perform a material inspection.

6.- Skip control points.

7.- To voluntary dispose garbage outside the authorized areas at the refreshment stations or any type of behavior that may alter the natural environment.


By registering for Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019, participants give their consent to DG Eventos, by itself or through third parties, to treat their personal data automatically and exclusively for sports, promotional or commercial purposes. Each member authorizes these entities to send commercial information related to their products and services.

In accordance with what is established in the General Data Protection Regulations, the participant has the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel their content completely or partially.

To request the withdrawal you must send an email to the following address

Likewise, and in accordance with the sports, promotion, distribution and exploitation interests of Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019 for the whole world, the participants authorize the organizers of the event to record completely or partially their participation in the event. Photographs, films, television, radio, video, internet and any other means known or to be known, so all the rights related to its commercial and advertising exploitation that is considered appropriate, without time limit and without the right to receive economical compensation.


When making the payment for the inscription of the Gran Canaria Bike, each participant declares under his responsibility:

– NOT to suffer acquired or congenital physical diseases and / or injuries that could cause disorders in their health or living conditions, as a consequence of their participation in the Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019.

– Have performed the relevant medical checks and being medically fit and properly trained to carry out the activities that will take place in Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019.

– Commit to collaborate and comply with the instructions received (organizers, Local Police, Civil Protection, Volunteers, Judges, etc.), to ensure the safety of all cyclists and the good behavior on the event.

– Declares to carry out the activities related to Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019 by its own will, under its own exclusive risk and assumes exclusively responsibility for its activities, goods, health and physical and / or mental integrity, assuming all civil and / or criminal liability and refusing to make any kind of claim to the organization and / or sponsors and / or institutions, both public and private, participants in the organization of Gran Canaria Bike Week 2019, regarding any damage, including without limitation of physical, moral, material damage, theft, loss or of any kind that could suffer or be caused to its person or its property before, during or after the activity related to the Gran Canaria Bike Week, although the damages could arise due to negligence or fault on the part of the named ones.


All the participants, due to the fact of registering, accept the present rules and the disclaimer included in the participants statement (article 16 of this regulation). In case of doubt or if a situation arises that is not reflected in this regulation, it will be accepted what proposed by the organization.


In case of cancellation of the event or postponement of the same due to majeure force, adverse weather conditions, decision of the competent authority, etc., will not proceed to refund or compensate the amount paid in the registration.




Adapted cycling is that practiced by people with physical disabilities (spinal cord injury, amputations and lack of any limb), cerebral palsy, acquired and visual brain damage (blind or visually impaired), practiced on the road and / or track.

Registration and participation in all stages of Gran Canaria Bike Week, of cyclists with some type of physical disability, cerebral palsy, and / or acquired brain or visual damage is allowed.

Within the GCBW edition, on December 5, 2019, a stage will be developed that includes an individual time trial of 10 kms, and that meets especially favorable conditions for cycling for these people. In this edition we have called this test “I Trophy of Canaries of Adapted Cycling, all categories”.

Cyclists, men or women with some type of disability, may enroll in one of the following modalities:

  • Class B: for cyclists with visual disabilities, they go in tandem with another partner.
  • Class H: for cyclists who use the hand bike or handbike. From 1 to 5, from highest to lowest disability.
  • Class C: for functional cyclists, they practice conventional cycling with adaptations. From 1 to 5, from highest to lowest disability.
  • Class T: cyclists who participate with tricycles due to impairment in their stability.

The description and detail of each category is what defines the UCI Regulation of Cycling Sport, in its Title XVI: Paraciclismo.

At the time of registration, you must specify your disability in order to include it in any of the above modalities.

The place and time indicated for the start and finish of the test will be previously defined by the Organization, as well as the time interval between runners The test will be carried out with the road completely closed to traffic, and support vehicles, liaison bikes and volunteers will be available to ensure the integrity of the riders at all times.

Individualized times of each corridor will be taken and a classification will be made for the previous modalities taking into account the coefficients proposed by the UCI.

The first of each modality will receive a trophy that will be delivered when indicated by the Organization.