Stage 1 | 1/12/2019

97km | elevation gain 2.800m | 3 sections with time control


Only for brave ones! 97 kilometers with departure at 8am at the Maspalomas Lighthouse and arrival at the municipality of Artenara. 2.813 meters of elevation gain discovering places like Las Filipinas, Barranquillo Andrés, Pie de la Cuesta, The Village of San Nicolás de Tolentino or the unequalled dams road.


  • Three sections with time recording (Las Filipinas-Cruz de San Antonio, Cruce de Veneguera-Degollada de Tasartico and Barranco La Aldea-Cruce Tamadaba / Coruña),
  • Meeting point and refreshment/aid station at Pie de la Cuesta and La Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino.
  • Cloakroom at the start and finish line, toilets at the start, finish line and main refreshment/aid stations.
  • Technical and medical assistance at the start, during the route and at the finish line. Medical insurance and safety on the road.
  • Massage services at the finish line.
  • Finisher medal, welcome lunch at the finish line in Artenara and prior reservation for the amount of 10 euros, transfer by bus back to the Maspalomas Lighthouse for the cyclist and its bike.
  • Registration to this stage also gives the right to participate for free on Monday, December 2nd on the Ayagaures Loop and on Sunday 8th at the last stage, including the free lunch buffet and closing ceremony at the hotel Villas & Dunas 4* (Dunas Group).

The Titanic Challenge counts with rankings and prizes for the three first classified of Junior (16-19 years old), Sub 23 (20-22 years old), Elite (23-29 years old), Master 30A (30-34 years old) , Master 30B (35-39 years old), Master 40 (40-49 years old), Master 50 (50-59 years old) and Master +60 (from 60 years old). They will be delivered on December 8th once the last stage of the week has finished at the facilities of the hotel Suites & Villas 4 * (Dunas Group).

* Does not include the official maillot that can be purchased for 18 €.

The landscape


The tour starts at 8am at the Maspalomas Lighthouse, continuing along the GC-501 (Cristóbal Colón Avenue) until it crossed with the GC-500, where it will turn left towards El Pajar. At the El Pajar roundabout, take the GC-505 to Cercados de Espino, at the height of Las Filipinas, the section begins with the time control, going up the GC-505 to Barranquillo de Andrés.

Here you turn left and cross the road that reaches the Cruz de San Antonio, the end of the first time trial. You descend through the GC-605 to the Pie de La Cuesta, the place of the first meeting point. Later, through the GC-200 towards La Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino.

Once the intersection of Veneguera is over, the second section begins with the second time trial of the day that ends in La Degollada de Tasartico. Descent by GC-200 to the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino where the second meeting point takes place.

Then, a section by the town towards Artenara by the GC-210. At the exit of the town and until the junction with Tamadaba will be the last section with time trial and then turn to the right to finish in Artenara.

In this stage there are three sections with time control. Each participant will carry a time recording chip for the registration of its time and personal assessment at the end of the stage:

  • Section 1: Las Filipinas – Cruz de San Antonio (9 kilometers)
  • Section 2: Cruce de Veneguera – Degollada de Tasartico (9 kilometers)
  • Section 3: Barranco La Aldea – Cruce Tamadaba / Coruña (22.7 kilometers)

The rest of the sections will be made with the only occupancy of the traffic lane, except for a section that due to its narrowness or risk for cyclists will be closed when the caravan passes by and will reopen immediately afterwards.

Meeting points and refreshment/aid stations will be at Pie de la Cuesta, Village of San Nicolás de Tolentino and Mirador del Molino. In addition, welcome lunch at the finish line in Artenara and prior reservation for the amount of 10 euros, transfer by bus back to the Maspalomas Lighthouse for the cyclist and its bike.


  • Distance: 97 km
  • Elevation gain: 2.813 m
  • Descend: 1.669 m
  • Total accumulated: 4.482 m